About Us

About Us

At ZYVA, we aim to adhere to the highest standerds of ethics, integrity and transparency. Hence we become your trusted link to global connectvity for industrial products as well as residential, commercial and government projects. 

We endeavour to become a global provider for integrated services and innovation solutions through a customized analytical approach whilst understanding client needs and channeling it to develop contoured, unified results.


Zyva philosophy

At ZYVA, we deal in quality and are lead by purpose. These values reflect our mode of conduct with customers, clients and colleagues. We strive to impliment the basic human responsibility of changing this planet for the better and seek to make our mark by coupling our growth with environment friendly innovations. We attempt to make a positive social impact by incorporating sustainable sourcing in all business explorations.


To deliver high-quality, sustainable water cooling and heating solutions to our clients worldwide, ensuring environmental comfort, structural integrity, and optimum health for both buildings and inhabitants.


To be a leading global provider of water cooling and heating equipment, recognized for our commitment to ethics, integrity, and transparency, and admired for our innovative solutions and customer-centric approach.

Our Values


We conduct business with the utmost integrity, ensuring honesty, transparency, and ethical practices in all our endeavors.


Zyva thrives on innovation, constantly pushing boundaries to deliver state-of-the-art solutions that meet and exceed our clients' expectations.

Customer-Centric Approach

We channel this understanding into developing solutions that resonate with our clients' requirements.

Global Connectivity

Zyva is your bridge to global connectivity, providing water cooling and heating solutions that transcend geographical boundaries.

ZYVA Community

ZYVA success is built on our high standards of corporate behaviour irrespective of destination. Dignity of labor is practiced at all steps of our corparate ladder

ZYVA employee friendly policy plays instrumental in recruiting our experienced pioneers. Our employees represent our face in the market, and deliver our purpose in action. their insight and creativity drives us to act on the moving trends in our industry.

Design Assistance – Our team of designers and technicians shall assist you in making the accurate selection in the light of mathemetical calculations and simultaneously upholding the aesthectics and budget of the project. 

Thechnical Support – Our team of qualified and experienced technicians shall be available round the clock to assist your site team in correct installations that shall enhance the durability and efficciency of the product.

Approval tests and commissioning – Our team shall be ever ready to provide on site demonstrations and commissioning of the product prior to the handover of the project. 

Service and spare parts – Core round the clock service ensures service attendence in the event of any malfunctioning of the product. We also maintain a steady supply of spare parts for our entire range of products.


Our ISO certificates serve as a visible testament to our pledge to provide reliable, high-quality products and services, fostering trust and confidence among our valued clients.

At ZYVA, excellence is not just a goal – it’s a standard we uphold with pride and dedication.