Explore our diverse range of water pumps, HVAC solutions, solar energy products, and more.

water pumps

Water Pumps

ZYVA offers a complete spectrum of pump solutions tailored to diverse applications.

transfer pumps

Transfer Pumps

Crafted with precision engineering, this pump is designed to seamlessly move liquids from one location

irrigation booster pumps

Irrigation Booster Pumps

Enhance the efficiency of your irrigation system with our cutting-edge booster pump.

booster pumps

Booster Pumps

Completely automated for both commercial and residential use.

pressure vessel

Pressure Vessel

Our range of pressure vessels that exemplify the highest standerds in strength, safety and relibility.

Water Tanks

Our water tanks stand as a testament to excellence, offering a blend of superior craftsmanship, durability, and reliability.

Water Chiller

An efficiant ventilating system ensures high indoor air quality which regulates temperature control.

Control Panels

control panels designed to offer unparalleled precision and efficiency in managing water cooling and heating systems


Deals with all type of valves from traditional threaded compression and flanged valves to contemporary press fit and push fit options.

Solar Water Heater & Panels

Harnessing the power of the sun for sustainable water heating. Contributing to eco friendly energy solutions.


Our specialized in custom designed controls system to work in accordance with the site requirments.

Heat Exchanger

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning is critical to environmental comfort.

Water Cooling & Heating System

Water cooling & Heating system are used to maintain the temperature below during the long scorching climet.

Air Curtains

Removal of odours, smoke, dust, airbrone bacteria, carbon dioxide and other gaseous contaminants.

Air separators & Oil Interceptors

Products designed to efficiently separate air and intercept oil, ensuring the smooth operation of your systems.